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Explore Neural Circuits with Quartet: An Innovative Multi-Region Miniscope to Capture Diverse Calcium Dynamics in Free Behavior

Roshni Christo, PhD and Tina Mahmoudi, Eng


Watch the newest Bruker webinar with Roshni Christo, PhD and Tina Mahmoudi, Eng, where they discuss the latest software advancements of the Quartet's cutting-edge, compact design which enables simultaneous imaging of up to four brain regions in rodents without obstructing the animal's movement, supporting a variety of research experiments.

Dive into the heart of the innovation with the Bruker team as they explore the software integral to Quartet. Designed for live, data acquisition and data processing with longitudinal observation of hundreds of neurons, this software enables insights into complex brain function. The discussion also covers the several unique features of the software, along with its streamlined workflow for data extraction and analysis.


Learn more about Bruker's all-optical, miniature neuroimaging solutions for freely behaving animals.