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Join our INSIGHTS webinar with Associate Professor, Vice Director, Dr. Manuel Mameli from the University of Lausanne. He will highlight some of the most exciting circuit neuroscience activities from his laboratory's research program, focused on neuronal circuits and the mechanisms mediating adaptive behaviors following environmental threats. 

Aversive stimuli emerging from the environment trigger a plethora of behaviors enabling individuals to flee bad outcomes. The laboratory led by Dr. Manuel Mameli, has identified neurobiological processes in the lateral habenula to be among the neural substrates that are most critical for organizing adaptive behaviors after environmental threats.

Throughout this webinar, Dr. Mameli will present how synaptic strength, discrete circuit assembly, and neuronal dynamics using Inscopix miniscope technology in habenula cells underlie specific approach and avoidance behaviors.

Join our webinar and learn more about his approach to understanding the fundamental processes involved in coding avoidance behavior!



8 AM (PDT) / 11 AM (EDT) / 5 PM (CEST)


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