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Watch our last INSPIRE learning webinar of 2021 with hippocampal engram wizard, Dr. Takashi Kitamura, PhD from UT Southwestern Medical Center.

Remember When?
Strategies for Reverse Engineering Episodic Memories in Hippocampus

Episodic memory requires the concerted association of objects, individual, space and time coordinated by the entorhinal cortex (EC)-hippocampal (HPC) network. How the EC-HPC network spatially and temporally associates this diverse set of information (where, what, when and who) within a single episode, remains unknown.

Watch this amazing webinar with Dr. Kitamura, to learn how miniscope imaging combined with unique genetic strategies and clever behavior assays can be used to tease apart and functionally map neuronal circuits in the hippocampus that encode different dimensions (space, object, time, and individual) to produce episodic memories.

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