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Join our next INSPIRE learning webinar with Dr. Andreas Klaus, PhD from Rui Costa's Laboratory at The Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown.

Seeing the forest & the trees: Analyzing dynamics of large neuronal ensembles at both single-cell and population level
Studying the ensemble dynamics of large, genetically defined circuits in freely moving animals offers a great opportunity for neuroscience. It also poses some new challenges: how to best process your imaging data and analyze high-dimensional neuronal and behavioral data.
In this next learning webinar, Dr. Klaus will discuss some common methods to accurately infer neuronal activities from one-photon imaging data. He will review the various approaches he's used to study the role of corticostriatal circuits in natural and learned actions, including the quantification of movements during natural behavior and how these relate to population dynamics (e.g., using decoders in the cortex and striatum). Such analyses at the population level, although highly informative, may not provide a complete picture of how circuits encode certain behavioral variables of interest. He'll also provide examples of how to examine calcium dynamics at the level of single neurons.
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8 AM (PDT) / 11 AM (EDT) / 4 PM (BST)

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