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Join our inaugural learning webinar series, INSPIRE with Dr. Ann Kennedy, PhD from Northwestern University, The Feinberg School of Medicine.

Finding the elephant: Tools for making sense of high-dimensional data
In this new learning series, Dr. Kennedy will address the common hurdle of interpreting neural activity data recorded in freely behaving animals with miniscopes. For example, in experiments that may lack a clear repeated trial structure, it can be hard to know where to begin or how to piece together a coherent understanding of your data. She'll review an adventurer's kit of analyses that can be applied to your newly collected data-- examining neural tuning, population coding, dimensionality reduction, and single-trial analyses, including what can be gained from each technique, how it relates to the others, and what to do next.
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8 AM (PST) / 10 AM (CST) / 4 PM (GMT)

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