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A novel blood vessel imaging strategy for the treatment of headache disorders

Join our Neurotherapeutics webinar with Principal Scientist, Dr. Paolo Botta from Lundbeck and Translational Scientist Lead, Dr. Jonathan Zapata from Inscopix. 

TUESDAY, JUNE 11, 2024

8AM PDT | 11AM EDT | 4PM GMT+1

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Learn about Inscopix's latest contract research services (CRO) and advances in migraine drug discovery with a novel preclinical blood vessel imaging model. Dr. Jonathan Zapata will showcase the new Inscopix Discovery Lab state-of-the-art rodent R&D facilities and team of neuroscience imaging and behavior experts. The Inscopix Discovery Lab conducts fee-for-service contract research in support of preclinical programs, offering several standardized assays, including custom neurobehavioral studies designed in collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotech companies. One such collaboration and resulting data is presented in this webinar.

Dr. Paolo Botta from Lundbeck will share the latest insights into the role of vasoactive neuropeptides like PACAP in the development of migraines. These neuropeptides, released during migraine episodes by trigeminocervical nerves, lead to the widening of venous sinuses and meningeal and pial arteries in the brain. Though anatomical and physiological parallels between humans and laboratory animals in cephalic nociceptive pathways have enriched our comprehension of migraines, accurately replicating and applying the mechanisms of primary headache disorders such as migraines from humans to a preclinical setting remains a challenge. Dr. Botta will reveal a novel approach developed by using a functional preclinical model that mirrors human studies for headache treatment, including the innovative use of blood vessel imaging in both freely moving and anesthetized rodents with state-of-the-art miniature microscopes (miniscopes) and functional ultrasound technology.




Learn more about our preclinical solutions and contract services using the Inscopix platform for freely behaving animals.