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IDEAS: Empowering researchers to manage and analyze neuroscience research data at scale

Shay Neufeld, PhD and Kunal Ghosh, PhD


Watch our newest Inscopix webinar with Drs. Shay Neufeld and Kunal Ghosh, where they discuss the latest advancements and solutions for storing and analyzing fluorescent imaging and behavior data at scale with the IDEAS platform. In this fantastic webinar, they showcase how Inscopix is applying novel approaches to solving the bottleneck of managing and interpreting massive, multimodal datasets.

The IDEAS platform combines familiar tools like spreadsheets and databases with Python analysis and compute cluster orchestration. Organize, browse, and share terabytes of experimental data effortlessly. Easily run advanced computational methods on scalable computing clusters without downloads or programming. Export and share data to public repositories. IDEAS supports diverse research data types and computational methods.

Watch this webinar to learn how IDEAS can support your neuroscience research and accelerate you to publication!


Learn about the latest innovative solutions in calcium imaging for freely behaving animals using our flagship nVueTM, nVokeTM, and nVistaTM, and nVisionTM platforms!