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Long-term, multicolor spinal cord neural imaging in freely moving animals

Biafra Ahanonu, PhD and Andrew Crowther, PhD


Watch our newest 2024 Inscopix INSIGHTS Webinar with Drs. Biafra Ahanonu and Andrew Crowther from the University of California, San Francisco, where they review some of their most exciting research activities.

In this fantastic webinar, they showcase their recent endeavors to uncover the various aspects of pain modulation and enhance our understanding of spinal cord physiology in awake, behaving animals. They imaged the spinal cord for extended periods and observed changes in neural dynamics and microglial activity using the Inscopix nVue system with LScape module, which offers the widest field of view among commercial miniscopes, and successfully performed bilateral spinal cord imaging in freely moving mice, revealing intriguing differences between anesthetized and awake animals.


Learn about the latest innovative solutions in calcium imaging for freely behaving animals using our flagship nVueTM, nVokeTM, and nVistaTM, and nVisionTM platforms!