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A novel blood vessel imaging strategy for the treatment of headache disorders



Watch our Neurotherapeutics webinar with Principal Scientist, Dr. Paolo Botta from Lundbeck and Translational Scientist Lead, Dr. Jonathan Zapata from Inscopix. 

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In this webinar, Dr. Jonathan Zapata showcases the Inscopix Discovery Lab's state-of-the-art R&D facilities and fee-for-service contract research (CRO) services in support of preclinical programs. He details the offerings and assays, including custom neurobehavioral studies designed in collaboration with pharmaceutical and biotech companies. One such collaboration and resulting data was presented here.

Next, Dr. Paolo Botta of Lundbeck unveiled an innovative method employing a functional preclinical model that effectively replicates human migraine studies. This method incorporates a novel blood vessel imaging assay in freely moving rodents using Inscopix miniscopes as well as anesthetized animals with functional ultrasound technology. Join this enlightening webinar to discover more about their pioneering approach!


Learn more about our preclinical solutions and contract services using the Inscopix platform for freely behaving animals.